Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Part 2

My week with the boyfriend continued. :)

Well, needless to say, we returned back to the small town of Orleans on Sunday evening because even though he was on spring break, I still had all my classes for the week. Sunday passed us by fairly fast, with more drama then I would have liked, but that's not a story I want to get into at the moment. I showed him around my campus some and the only plus side of my campus in it's looks is the lake and bridges with all the cute ducks. :) We tried to feed them but apparently that's what everyone does on Sundays since there was bread floating all over the pond and they didn't seem to want it. I went to my classes on Monday morning, we went bowling with some of my fellow study abroad students, and then I took him out to see part of our small little town. Mostly because I absolutely had to grocery shop. I had no food in my room to feed either of us. I know going to the grocery store really isn't much, but I guess when you are in France it seems interesting because he was happy enough just to wander the store for a while. Of course, I was the same way the first time I went there. I'm not sure why, but it has its appeal. The rest of the week passed by just as quickly. I showed him the center of town, and all the small stores. We shopped around a little, walked more that I would have liked, and would randomly stop on days that we were out long for a snack and coffee or hot chocolate. 

 photo P1020008_zpsf0428b75.jpg
Path through the woods
 photo P1010570_zpsbf3962ef.jpg
Some of the lake
 photo P1020007_zps1e6aa201.jpg
Love him :)
It was a wonderful week, especially because I ended up skipping three days of class just to have more time with him. I know I shouldn't have but I couldn't help it. I made sure I knew what I was missing though, if that counts for anything. I hated when Saturday came around and we left to stay the night in Paris to make sure to get him back to the airport on time. We arrived in Paris so late that we didn't really have time to do much since things were closing so we went out to eat a wonderful dinner together and just walk the streets of Paris. The funny part of our sad last day together was when we arrived at the hotel. The man looked up my reservation and gave us our room key and we went up and found the room to still be occupied when we opened the door. There were clothes on the bed and a bag on the desk and a shirt hanging over a chair to dry. He was very confused and sorry for the mix up and managed to get it right and corrected that we were in a different room. No harm done, we thought it was funny, but he apparently was afraid he'd lose his job or something. Poor man. We didn't really sleep a wink, and when I was almost closing to getting maybe an hour or two of sleep before having to get up, I was woken up my the worst sound in the world. I couple banging quite loudly right beside/below/above us, couldn't tell, but Oh My Gosh were they loud.. I'm pretty sure they woke up the entire hotel. Beds squeaking and slamming against the wall, girl moaning loudly. I was sooo angry, I didn't pay for that room to listen to porn. It didn't take them long at least, but sleep was definitely not in the cards anymore. We made it to the airport just fine, and sat around til he absolutely had to go through security and I made my way back to my small town alone. 

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