Saturday, March 2, 2013


I only have one more day left of my first break from school in France, and it makes me sad, not because I have to go back to classes (that makes me happy because I'll have something to do again) but because I have to do all the homework I put off doing for the past two weeks. Let me just say, I am not looking forward to it. There are tons of worksheets to do and papers to rewrite and correct and the worst part is that they are all in French, and sadly, since I've been sitting in my dorm for the past two weeks, I feel like I have forgotten all the French that I know. Good Luck to me.. :/

On another note, I decided to name off all the food places I will be visiting as soon as I return home and all the food I will consume at each place because let me tell you something, living in France you come to realize that you won't eat unless you eat out, which you can't do because you barely have money. SO, needless to say, I'm ALWAYS starving. The first meal I plan to eat the night I arrive home is Mexican. I NEED queso cheese with my chips. So yummy. I want to go to the Black Horse (local bar in my town) and have their beer cheese dip and chips (probably more yummy than queso at the Mexican restaurant), I want chicken and rice from Cracker Barrel, steak with mashed potatoes and macaroni from Logan's Steakhouse, my standard order of chicken fingers and fries from Buffalo Wild Wings, and I just want tons and tons of fast food.. You don't realize how much you grow to miss junk food like Taco Bell until you live on sandwiches and cereal everyday.

 photo 092216_zps0ebd3d7a.jpg
This is how excited I get about broccoli and rice. :P
Lastly, my lovely older sister is teaching me how to do everything and anything on a blog site and she's been very helpful, but I'm still new to working all this so everything is a bit of a mess. Feel free to leave helpful tips or comments if they could aid in fixing up my blog a little more. :)

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  1. Good luck with all of your school work and welcome to the blogging world! I'm happy to be your newest follower!