Friday, March 1, 2013

France - Two Week Break

Well, I guess I'm a blogger now (sort of). I'm not much of a writer, that's boyfriend's thing, but I'll give it my best shot. Maybe I'm creative enough like my sisters to manage to entertain people with my blog, even if it is just about my unadventurous life.

As of right now I am studying abroad in France. People are constantly asking me how exciting it is and want to know about all the cool things I have done. Well I will tell you now.. It's really not that great.. The university I'm attending is very unsightly, and pretty much in the ghetto. I've been told so many times not to go out at night and to never go out alone. I've had a friend who has been pick-pocketed and another who is currently being stalked by a creep. I've been harassed more times than I even care to count, and french people tend to be really rude and impatient with you. Don't get me wrong. There are some really kind people, who explain things to you and who are nice, but when you run into bad things, they tend to stand out more than the good.

From the 16th of February to the 3rd of March is my winter break, and we had so many plans. My friend and I first planned it that we were just going to travel around to different cities in France, but decided we could do that on any weekend. So we changed them and planned a week long stay in London. It was so exciting. We found a great little Inn not far from the airport we would arrive in and it was also close to the tube (which always makes me laugh to say, I have no idea why). We planned out everything that we were going to do and all the attractions that we were going to see. Everything fell into place, until the morning we left to go the airport. There are so many different modes of transportation to rely on... We had to take the bus to get to the train to get to Paris to take two metros and a shuttle just to get to the airport. But unfortunately the bus didn't run at 4:11 like it was supposed to.. So we ended up taking the tram to the train station which left half an hr later then we were meant to leave, and it all went downhill from there. Because of that we missed our train by five minutes and had to take the next one an hr later, and then with the confusion and chaos of the metro we missed our flight by two minutes. The worst part was that they said they couldn't refund us the money or put us on a different flight.

After finally arriving back to the university, completely exhausted from no sleep and carrying heavy bags all day and depressed from our plans not working out, we went to our rooms to unpack. I'm also very sad to say that I have spent my two week break sitting in my dorm room eating junk food and watching tv shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory to entertain myself. I've rarely left my room, and if I do it's usually to run the restroom or kitchen, which I'm forced to share with the entire floor. I don't even want to start on how much the bathrooms disgust me. Anyways, France so far isn't very exciting for me, and that is one of the reasons I think my oldest sister told me to create a blog. At least now I have something to do.

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