Saturday, March 8, 2014


I've come to learn that I am the absolute worst blogger in the world. I am beyond lazy, unmotivated, and usually just feel that I am altogether too busy to sit down and type anything on my blog. The funny thing is, I'm never really that busy. Now that I've graduated college (Yes, I finally came home from studying abroad, and finished my last semester of schooling) and got my BA in foreign language, all I really have to fill my days is my job, which I hate. Who knew it was so difficult to find a job that you actually enjoy? Heck, all I'm looking for is a job that pays more than minimum wage where I can work full time and not be off a week or more during the month.. It's very hard living off of unemployment.

Now that I've graduated and moved out to live with my very somewhat childish boyfriend, I'm starting to understand all the stresses that comes with being an adult.. I have no idea how my sister manages to be a stay at home mom with all her cute rugrats, pay bills, run errands, and all the works and still manages to write on her blog religiously.Working full time, paying bills, cleaning house, taking care of your significant other, making time to be social, or just to sit at home for a day, it's all very tiresome. Even waking up in the morning to take my sweet puppy outside is unbelievably exhausting.

Life as a broke adult is tough. I knew it would be, but still. Even when I get a good nights sleep I still feel completely drained. I can't seem to make myself do anything about it either. I know my crappy diet doesn't help since all I eat is junk food, soda, or greasy fast food, and I never exercise because I just feel too tired to do it, but I know fixing both those things would not only make me feel better about myself, but also give me more energy. Wish I had someway to actually motivate myself to get off my butt once in a while. If anyone has any suggestions I'd gladly listen to them too.

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